Getting Started with Layout

Layout Tips

SketchUp is CAD (computer-assisted design) software used by architects, designers, engineers, film makers, artists, and professionals in many other fields to create models in 2 or 3D.  It's powerful, flexible, and capable of producing incredibly detailed results.  

Download the software here:  SketchUp Download Page

Below are two sets of introductory tutorials.  

The Master SketchUp tutorial moves at a practical pace and focuses on the basics of navigating and creating.   It's a bit slower going, but easier to follow and pick out the details.  

The SketchUp Getting Started tutorial moves at a faster pace and gets you designing right away.  If you start with this tutorial, I encourage you to watch it through in chunks, then rewind and work alongside it while pausing and rewinding to pick out the details.

The Lynda Series of Tutorials focus on familiarizing you with the tools of SketchUp by providing videos and exercise files that allow you to practice using those tools.

Manipulating Objects: