Our first prototype!

Water Purifier - Our First Prototype!

Creating a Floor Plan - Room 324 sketch

The Water Test Results Are In!  Here are the test results from the water fountain in front of the office:  
 Test      Results
 Copper 0.5 ppm
 Iron 0 ppm
 Nitrate/Nitrite 0 ppm
 Nitrite 0 ppm
 Hardness (pH) 7.5
 Total Hardness 0 ppm
 Total Chlorine 0 ppm
 Pesticide    Negative
We have good water!

Water Purification System Sustainability Project!

Tasks (that we will conquer!)

Click on the picture to the left to see the things we want out design to accomplish and the task groups we broke ourselves into to accomplish them!

Summary of Our Interview Results

Check out the useful information we gleaned from the teachers and students at our school!

Water Purification:  Empathize Brainstorm

Who should we interview?  See the brainstorm results in the picture below!  (Click to enlarge.)

Holy smokes!  Look at all the design strategies we gleaned from IDEO's shopping cart challenge!  Which strategy struck you as the most profound?  And do you think "chaos" should play a role in design?