Sept 9 - 13

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Friday, Sept 13 - Building a better hand-drying system
  • LO: YWBAT collaboratively brainstorm a design for a better bathroom system in our school.
  • Essential Question: What are some advantages of collaborating during the design process?
  • Homework:  Permission forms for the Maker Faire!!
Thursday, Sept 12 - Identifying things that could be better designed
  • LO: YWBAT start to identify things that could benefit from better design.
  • Essential Question:  What is the role of iterations in design?
  • Homework:  Continuing with the discussion we had in class today, do a search online for what is currently believed to be the healthiest way to dry one's hands.  For full credit:
1. Email me a link to the article you found.  
2.  In your email, summarize the findings of the article.
3.  Given the article's findings, tell me what you feel is the best way for people to dry hands.  In other words, do you feel that the article's findings should be followed or are there other things to take into account that would dispute the article's suggestions?

Due by 10 pm tonight.  Submit by email. 

Wednesday, Sept 11 - Audience & Design
  • LO:  YWBAT determine the audience for which a product was designed.
  • Essential Question: Why does a designer need to consider an audience?
  • Activity:  Design and Audience - Handout
  • Homework: Find products that have the same purpose but come in many designs (example: bottle opener).  Email me with either 
1.  Three links to webpages with pictures that show three different designs, or
2.  Three pictures showing the different designs.

Due by 10 pm tonight.  Submit by email.

Tuesday, Sept 10 - Introduction to Technology & Design
  • LO:  You will learn about the content of the course, expectations, and policies of the class.
  • Essential Question: What is this new class at HSCL?
  • Homework: Sign the Syllabus/Class Contract and make it the first page of your class notes.