Nov 18 - 22

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Thursday, November 21 - The Floor Plan: Putting it all together!
  • LO: YWBAT to collaboratively create a single floor plan for HSCL.
  • Essential Question:  How can we create a single floor plan for the 32 (!) plans we've created?
  • Classwork:  For those students who are not

Wednesday, November 20 - HSCL Floor Plan for our Water Project
  • LO: YWBAT create accurate floor plans of our school.
  • Today's classwork - complete measuring your assigned rooms here at HSCL and create a floor plan for those rooms.  
  • Here's the grading rubric for the assignment: 
      • Floor plans are submitted for both assigned rooms?  (2 pts) _______
        • Length and width of the room is labeled? (2 pts) _______
          • Hallway side and window side of room is labeled? (2 pts) ______
            • If applicable, science bench and sink are included and dimensions are included?  (2 pts) _______
              • Accuracy and attention to detail (2 pts) _______